Brand Spotlight: Platinum Vape – May 2021 Monthly Playbook

Brand Spotlight, 8th Revolution


Brand Spotlight, 8th Revolution

Why we Love them: Their bright colors and fun, easy visuals make Platinum hard not to like.
Why we docked stars: The gummies are the only product that explore the possibilities of their branding.

Sometimes it pays to be boring.

Boring is good. Boring is the comfort you find in your standard Sunday routine, the no-thought-required way you do your hair, and the same playlist you always use whenever you clean your house. In a world of products that constantly strive to beguile you with flash, unexciting brands can provide a welcome reprieve. Though there’s no right or wrong answer, next time you’re contemplating which direction your brand should take, think about what category you align with most: the trendy, or the reliable?

Simple, professional, and clean – that’s where Platinum comes in. Unfussy and containing no bold personality, this brand is much like your mom’s chicken soup; you may branch out from time to time and try some fancier, new versions, but at the end of the day, when you want something that hits the spot with no muss or fuss, you’ll go back to the original. Though they haven’t reinvented the wheel when it comes to design or packaging, Platinum’s run-of-the-mill style is comforting to those looking for a reliable product. While it’s true that wildly unique visuals are a great way to draw in users who want to try something new, a large portion of the cannabinoid market is morphing into one that wants to get their high in a consistent and reliable way. Platinum isn’t trying to compete with the flashy brands that market themselves with all the bells and whistles – they’re just waiting until you get bored of them and decide to come back home.

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