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Our story starts in 2017 at MJBIZCON in Las Vegas—a location where stories usually begin and end. Two ambitious, analytically driven individuals with complementary expertise came together to form an organization geared toward an industry needing a team with a particular set of skills. It was clear then, as it is today, with all the challenges, stigmas, and obstacles, the cannabis and hemp industry have, there is a dire need for experts to shape.

We are a team of adaptive, dynamic problem-solvers that can diagnose, analyze, and optimize in real-time to help operators who are struggling with the industry’s obstacles. We began with a few, specific services that has turned into an end-to-end solution. We have added value and provided guidance for our partners across the supply chain. Our role is to do our part to move the industry forward and allow you to continue to operate as we help grow, fix, and optimize all your needs.

Founding Partners

Bryan Fields

Founding Partner

Bryan Fields thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.  He questions everything and his continuous improvement mindset has helped him adapt in the ever-changing cannabinoid industry.  Bryan has his undergraduate degree in management and his master’s degree in digital entrepreneurship and marketing. 


Prior to forming 8th Revolution, Bryan was the director of marketing and business development manager for a quality control instrumentation company.  There, he was responsible for both sales and marketing channels.  He developed and implemented strategic marking efforts to generate creative brand awareness as well as new opportunities in new markets.


Kellan Finney

Founding Partner

Kellan guides the cannabis scientific industry by volunteering his time to organizations including Emerald Scientific Committee, American Society of Chemists Cannabis Subdivision (ACS-CANN), and American Organization of Analytical Chemists Cannabis Analytical Science Program (AOAC-CASP).

Kellan obtained his master's in Metabolic Engineering and Chemistry from Northern Arizona University.  Kellan has designed and managed boutique and industrial scale botanical extraction facilities where he assisted the development of standard operating protocols for extraction, post processing, isolation, purification, and quantification of medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp products.  

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Emerald has hired Eighth Revolution for multiple extensive market research projects and the results of these endeavors have been invaluable to strategic decision making for our organization. We can attest wholeheartedly that Eighth Revolution is truly a top-notch, professional organization with knowledge and still unequaled in the cannabis industry.

Wes Burke, Emerald Scientific, President 


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