Synthetic Cannabinoids Manufacturers?

This month, we want to touch on a topic that’s been circling the news quite a bit; how yeast may become the method in which cannabinoids are produced. You probably saw the headline “Vancouver biotech company produces CBG from yeast”, but this isn’t the first company to have successfully produced cannabinoids using a micro-organism such as yeast.10 Chronos Group, as well as several other companies like InMed Pharmaceuticals and CBYeast, have been working on successfully commercializing this technology for quite some time.

A Gmo Feast For Cannabinoid Yeast

The way the technology works is by providing sugar to yeast, and like brewing beer, the yeast uses the sugar to create the target cannabinoid. The difference between this technology and brewing beer is that, in this case, the yeast has been genetically engineered to create a specific cannabinoid. This is done by providing the yeast with a “blueprint”, or genetic code, of the cannabis plant enzymes that are needed to create the target cannabinoid. Even if this technology is successfully commercialized, it will be interesting to see how the consumer market reacts to a “GMO” cannabinoid and if it can economically compete with the traditional production methods.

The main area we believe this technology will be valuable to be the pharmaceutical sector, as it could be easier to obtain a minor cannabinoid such as CBC or CBN through synthetic methods rather than standard agricultural practices. Only time will tell how disruptive this technology will be in space. The important part to remember with synthetic cannabinoids manufacturers is working with a synthetic cannabinoid expert.

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