What’s this month’s broken link in the supply chain? – September 2021 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook


Manufacturing, Retail, & Distribution

From childproof plastic containers to vape hardware, the majority of packaging for cannabis products is manufactured in Asia. One of the main transportation routes out of Asia to the US markets has been the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. However, due to reported COVID-19 cases which were reported among cargo workers, the airport has closed the airport cargo terminal. This closure is already affected several major cargo shippers including Lufthansa Cargo, Qatar Airways, Air Bridge Cargo, and Polar Air Cargo, which were all forced to divert shipments to other airports.

As the global pandemic continues to flare up and affect the supply chain in various ways it is important for operators dependent on consumables to display extra diligence when managing inventory levels of consumables and packaging. Maintaining several months of inventory is vital to keeping your brands on shelves and consumers coming back for the same product. Consistency will be key to managing the ever evolving supply chain.

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