BRĒZ immediate success is a testament to the power of a skilled team, a great product, and incredible marketing. A little over a year since its inception, BRĒZ hockey stick trajectory is undeniable and worthy of emulation.

When executed perfectly, marketing becomes more than just a line item on a P&L; it becomes a tool with unlimited potential. BRĒZ ability to connect with consumers on a personal level and address all hidden potential questions and concerns reflects textbook marketing prowess that would earn the approval of industry legends like Gary Albert or David Ogilvy.

The storytelling marketing strategy isn’t an Ad but a friendly, informative guide. Educating consumers about an alternative to alcohol minimizes the intimidation factor and highlights the product’s benefits, such as its quick onset and ability to eliminate brain fog.

The true beauty of Bez’s marketing lies in its authentic storytelling, a quality that is easy to identify yet extremely difficult to replicate.

This week, we sit down with founder Aaron Noshbich to uncover the following:

  • Marketing Principles used
  • Hitting Milestone of a Million a Month
  • Conversation with the FDA
  • and so much more

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