On how data-based evidence is beneficial for the cannabis industry for changing minds

The language of data gets everybody excited. I love when a client comes back and asks 10,000 questions that we don’t know the answer to because, to get to those questions, we must answer 1,000,000 questions that nobody else could answer.

What the international cannabis landscape will look like in 5 years

I think, in five years, shipping cannabis across the world will probably be a little bit hard. I think every country will want to have its own product, and they will probably try to make it more difficult to get products cheaper from outside. And I say that because I am thinking about Mexico and Brazil.

Absolutely nothing—because we don’t operate the businesses [that are] based on assumptions of regulatory moves. There were operators that were like, “We need Safe to pass because if Safe [Banking] doesn’t pass, the lights are going to turn off here very quickly.” So, that’s the sad reality of the business—that Safe has always been characterized as catering to the Tier Ones, giving us access to capital and uplifting, and there’s going to be just domination in the market.

Aaron Miles, Chief Investment Officer at Verano

How 280E continues to be the biggest hindrance to cannabis operators

280E, I think, is the biggest opportunity for the space because I don’t think people truly understand what paying taxes off the gross profit line looks like for the business. 280E is amazing to me when there are all these anti-money laundering concerns, and we’ve got to be careful because it’s cannabis, but you’re going to overtax us, and you’re going to take those same dollars that you’re concerned about.


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