The Dime Episode 50 Transcript: Meet the Queens of Cannabis ft. Her Highness

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In this episode, Bryan Fields @bryanfields24 and Kellan Finney @Kellan_Finney sit down with Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard, co-founders of cannabinoid brand Her Highness, to discuss…

  • How to tailor your branding and packaging to appeal to your target demographic (for Her Highness, that’s women)
  • How two successful entrepreneurs’ prior ventures set them up for success in the cannabis space
  • Why they’re excited for the New York market and which location is next on their radar
  • The future of Her Highness

…and everything you could ever want to know about creating a successful brand in the overflowing cannabinoid space. As always, let us know what you think, and if you have any questions about what we discussed, email us at [email protected].

About Her Highness:

Her Highness is the premier purveyors of female-forward cannabis couture – products and potions inspired by and engineered by women. They design and deliver experiences that elevate and celebrate women.

Twitter: @herhighnessnyc

[00:01:00] [00:00:00] Bryan Fields: [00:00:00] This is the

[00:01:57] dime a 10 minute dive into the cannabis. [00:02:00] This in hemp industry through trends, insights, predictions, and tangents.

[00:02:05] What’s up guys. Welcome back to another episode of the dime has always, I’ve got my right-hand man, Kellen Finney here with me. And this week we’ve got very special guests, the lovely ladies and the co-founders of her Highness, Alison and Laura.

[00:02:18] Thanks for taking the time. How you guys doing today? Appreciate you guys taking the time. As we were saying, kind of before we got started, it’s nice to have that East coast kind of making that strong way forward and putting Kellen in the minority as the East coast really comes online. So. Ladies today before we kind of dive in, I’d love to hear from each of your backgrounds and kind of how you got into the cannabis space.

[00:02:39] So, Alison, do you want to go first?

[00:02:41] Allison: [00:02:41] Sure. Came from the design industry. I invented peel and stick chalkboard. That was removable and reusable, which was my sort of big venture in my former company and sort of during that process. And while I owned that company or throughout my entire creative career, I always had cannabis in [00:03:00] my life.

[00:03:00] So I’m sort of bringing the same energy of speaking to women about luxury products that improve their lives, but changing the topic to cannabis that always coming from the standpoint of design and quality and good branding, good formulas. And just bringing that into cannabis. Laura

[00:03:19] Laura: [00:03:19] your background.

[00:03:20] I come from a fashion background. I’m an art director by trade accounted. One of the first e-commerce fashion websites, pioneer in the internet industry back in 98, so long ago, and really took that industry at the time, which is very male dominated into a women’s forum by offering fashion and also working with fashion designers.

[00:03:43] And allowing them to display a collection. And, you know, also I had a love of cannabis, you know, my adult life and just watch the cannabis industry and spent like it also needed a woman’s [00:04:00] touch base, a gray, because the new developments just wearing nearly serving women. And just decided to come together and Alison, and really make a difference

[00:04:10] Bryan Fields: [00:04:10] in the industry.

[00:04:11] Yeah. And I’m excited to kind of dive into that and how her Highness was formed. So I guess to get started, let’s start with the hardest topic right away, your go-to meal after consuming.

[00:04:22] Laura: [00:04:22] Canada. Great

[00:04:23] Allison: [00:04:23] question. We are after doing years of research and also knowing how and why, and the different ways women consume cannabis.

[00:04:33] We took great care to dial down the munchies and all of our products. Our vape formulas have elevated Humulin to kill off the munchies at the end, all of our strange choices, how are other higher THCV? Higher humiliation. So that’s actually not the question for us. We are fairly anti munchie in our approach to

[00:04:56] Laura: [00:04:56] cannabis

[00:04:57] Bryan Fields: [00:04:57] fair.

[00:04:57] But if you were going to go in one direction, if

[00:05:00] [00:04:59] Laura: [00:04:59] you had a favorite, okay. I like to pair.

[00:05:06] Allison: [00:05:06] And it would be frozen

[00:05:07] Laura: [00:05:07] yogurt for

[00:05:07] Bryan Fields: [00:05:07] me. Those are both very nice. So let’s kind of switch gears back to her Highness. How was it formed? Where did the original idea come up with? Was there an inspirational piece or something that you saw that instantly you were like, boom, and then take me through the naming of her Highness.

[00:05:23] Right? How, how did that kind of come about and. The

[00:05:27] Laura: [00:05:27] backstory there, Alison and I wanted to do something together. We were, we just really respected each other as entrepreneurs and cannabis was just it for us. And so we, every day we had a brainstorming session, you know, the name actually came, we had a few contenders, but Alison came up with this for Highness and it was just ed.

[00:05:48] We knew instantly, and we grabbed the domain name for it and just started on. It, we knew it was a winner and Jaylen. Alison could talk about the formulation. We, you know, [00:06:00] very early on, we started having introductions to formulators in California. We’d go to California, you know, every other week to just get started on our product developments.

[00:06:11] But it was a really a challenging time. You know, we did that for about four years before it truly, truly came together.

[00:06:18] Allison: [00:06:18] When Laura came to me with the idea to do some, you do cannabis accessories actually was the original idea. And then once we got together, we sort of made it into cannabis products and accessories, but our conversations were about how to really feminize cannabis because we both loved cannabis, even though we use it in different ways.

[00:06:40] Laura came to it, looking for beautiful cannabis accessories, and not able to find them. And I came to it, having sold my company to a large public company and having to work for them for two years. Using cannabis medicinally for the first time in my life, because I’m such a person and not anxious and not [00:07:00] in pain.

[00:07:00] So I never used cannabis medicinally until I had a really depressing job. And I realized, you know, sort of noticing how other women self-medicate with alcohol and Xanax. Some of everybody in that office, I was like, wow, women need to know about cannabis because I fixed myself with what I do anyway. I just started doing it at a different time, like before work, instead of, you know, at night and it helped me get through work and be present and be good at it, you know?

[00:07:30] Cause I was creative director for their interior wall decor, everything. And so I took over all these lines and so it was fine to be high, but. Anyway, I came to it thinking that women who are good at marketing to other women need to get the word out about cannabis. And Laura is a great marketer. So she was the perfect partner to come together.

[00:07:52] Both of us have had the same conversation with the same customer about elevating her life, but we just [00:08:00] changed the topic to

[00:08:00] Laura: [00:08:00] cannabis. Yeah, I’d say, you know, and I started thinking about cannabis. They really wanted to normalize it and that’s just what I’ve done in my career. And so, you know, to bring it to women in a new way, you know, I’m a, I don’t want say distracting.

[00:08:15] It was a little too early for that, but we had our ambition and it’s almost like we had to start educating from, from the beginning because people have these seen, especially women have preconceived notions about what it’s like to be high and, you know, way back. New York city. When you would order your weed, you know, it came from the pizza guy and it was, you know, not nuance, you just sorta, mostly got, but you got, you know, and so it got a little more sophisticated, but you know, I think that a lot of women, when they recall being high, it’s like in college or, you know, some terrible edible experience, which they always bring up and which I still have to this day, by the way, Necessarily, it’s kind of getting them out of that mindset into a new mindset of like, you know, this is really so [00:09:00] useful in so many ways and, you know, not to get bogged down in wellness because Alison and I feel like wellness is just when women feel good.

[00:09:08] And so that includes pleasure. And that includes. You know, enjoying and having fun and just letting loose sometimes. And we adjust all those things, but it really is like, you know, especially now we’re in New York and all the customers are brand new, that it’s going to be a real kind of education. And the way to get that across to women is to show them a product.

[00:09:29] That they appreciate it. They left the packaging, they left what it can do for them. And so they use it and that’s really the way to bring it to their, you know, more of the mass market.

[00:09:40] Bryan Fields: [00:09:40] Yeah. Kevin and I, a hundred percent agree from an educational standpoint, that’s a huge stretch. And I think one of the things that your brand does better than, than most is that you gravitate really, really strongly to your target customers.

[00:09:52] So those women that are fighting those stigmas that are unsure, you know, Is this something that I can do and then could work out or be that, do it all, mom, [00:10:00] you see that product and you’re like, maybe I’ll give it a second look, and then you try it. And then you’re instantly kind of your, your stigma’s kind of changed.

[00:10:07] Right? And then you understand. But this is different than like in college or the pizza guy. There’s a different style that goes into it. So I want to kind of revisit what you said before. Alison, about the THCV. Is that a critical component in the products? Can you kind of share what that is for our listeners who are a little unfamiliar

[00:10:24] Allison: [00:10:24] with that?

[00:10:25] Well THCV, like you find it in Durban poison. There are certain strands that have higher concentrations of it. And actually it’s a little different than Delta nine and that in higher concentrations it’s sort of Trippier. So it doesn’t really work to isolate it and elevate it because it’s a different experience.

[00:10:46] But in small concentrations in certain strands, It does sort of change the, I would say like it’s sort of the soul of the high, like it changes it, but it kills off the munchies and in there’s [00:11:00] plenty of research on it. And now new research that might even be a treatment for diabetes. And, you know, people who use cannabis regularly have a lower BMI than the rest of the population.

[00:11:11] And that’s curious because cannabis causes the munchies, but what it does is it makes our bodies more efficient. And if we can target the aspects of cannabis that make our bodies more efficient, we have a product that is so much more appealing for women. Like not only can you take your pleasure? With, I think a better buzz than what wine can deliver, but it can make you thinner, healthier, make your body work better.

[00:11:38] Like if we can harness that message, we can break the stigma and, you know, with breaking the stigma of cannabis, breaking the stigma of female pleasure, which is what we do with our orgasm oil. Which is really targeted to get that conversation. Let’s talk about orgasms and make them better. And it’s the same with cannabis.

[00:11:58] That’s make our life [00:12:00] better, more joy, more feeling good. I find with alcohol, if you drink alcohol at night. It’s really hard to get up early and work out. And that is bad cycle for women. We feel better when we work out. So if you’re relaxed, time is killing off your workout time the next day. Like we can change that and fix that if we can get that message

[00:12:20] out.

[00:12:20] Bryan Fields: [00:12:20] Yeah. That’s perfectly well said from a science side, Callan THCV obviously is one area that you and I both are very interested in exploring. Is there information there that you’ve seen that kind of aligns with, you know, your perspective? I

[00:12:34] Kellan: [00:12:34] think Alison kind of said it perfectly. And I also am really impressed with kind of referencing a lot of these molecules.

[00:12:39] And I’m really curious to understand, like how long was that journey in terms of not only have you guys put in insane amount of time to the brand, but it sounds like. It’s been a giant research project as well, in terms of understanding all these different molecules that go into the experience of using cannabis.

[00:12:56] I mean, you mentioned humiliating. What does that educational journey been like [00:13:00] in terms of also becoming kind of a pseudo chemist? If you will,

[00:13:03] Bryan Fields: [00:13:03] at least the way you speak,

[00:13:04] Allison: [00:13:04] right. I’ve been keeping out on cannabis. For 30 years. So there wasn’t like, I was like, Oh my God, let me go to the library now and figure this out.

[00:13:13] If you know, it’s in my personality to find something I like and then make it better and better and better and keep reinventing it until I feel like I have the ultimate whatever. So I’ve been playing with strains and studying strains and, you know, trying to figure it out for a really long time. And it wasn’t until we started this company that.

[00:13:33] I had the opportunity to do it during the day, all day, talking to people who can just soak me with their knowledge, that it all really has come together and come alive for me.

[00:13:45] Kellan: [00:13:45] I mean, that’s got to put a ton of confidence in your guys’s user base as well. Just knowing that there’s been a ton of thought that goes into these products as well.

[00:13:54] Is that something

[00:13:55] Laura: [00:13:55] that you’ve found?

[00:13:55] Allison: [00:13:55] Yeah. Like you can see our thought in the product. Like, I don’t, I don’t [00:14:00] know if you here, you can see like, The crutch on our joint is 40 millimeters. So when you light it, you don’t Melt your eyelashes and your Gel manicure And you know, when I say like, all women who love hot, know the smell of burnt hair and Weed and everyone’s like, Oh my God, totally.

[00:14:16] But then there’s always a guy with a beard. Who’s like, thank you, sister. Like Nobody cannabis, ergonomic, like it’s ridiculous or things like are transdermal footpaths that go in your stilettos. Like transdermals have existed in cannabis for a long time, but nobody thought that women’s shoes need transdermals, but they do because in tight jeans and heels, you feel better.

[00:14:43] And that is wellness. But walking around in high heels, you don’t feel better. And the fact that cannabis has a cure for it, and nobody made it before we came along. It’s just rude, but thank goodness. You know, we’re here to really bring a feminine touch, you know, [00:15:00] to this space that’s been so male dominated in its design, even though women love pot, but men who are picking the crutch for whatever pony everybody gets is not thinking about long hair.

[00:15:11] Eyelashes or

[00:15:12] Bryan Fields: [00:15:12] nails. Yeah. I think that attention to detail is really what separates your brand from some of the others, because that’s not an aspect that I even considered. And I shared that quote with my sister and she, her first reaction was, Oh my God, I almost burnt my eyelashes off yesterday. And I was like, what?

[00:15:28] I was like, I didn’t even know that was a common thing. And then she shared, well, what about my nail Polish? I can’t even get white nail Polish anymore. And I was like, I didn’t even realize that these existed. And I think. You know, you’re shedding light on a really, really massive user base that understands exactly what they’re going through and it’s providing a solution plus an experience with the strong packaging.

[00:15:47] It seems like you’ve got the total package communicating. Really really strongly with your user base. So let’s talk about where we’re located in the United States. Is this something that’s just New York? Are we looking for globally? [00:16:00] Where are we right now and where we plan to go in the near

[00:16:02] Laura: [00:16:02] future? We plan to take over the world.

[00:16:09] We’ve been focusing on the States, the lag we launched originally in California, and then we decided to do licensing deals throughout the country. So we’re in Nevada. With a special focus on Vegas because our market is bad. And we can’t wait to go there. We haven’t been there during Cannes Amex, so time.

[00:16:29]And then we recently launched in Massachusetts, which was our first East coast mage for THC. We launched first of all on record, good time because our client, no tilt. Foldings wanted us to lunch during international women’s week. And the 20 stores that we launched in also down, like we’ve been doing, it’s just been such an amazing, welcome.

[00:16:53] We didn’t expect it at all. You know, we expected wherever on-ramp and it would just immediately go to [00:17:00] that customer. And we are based in New York. So we are so excited for new York’s legalization. But we do have our CBD line, which is national available on our website. And just recently we’ve. Been getting a lot of interest internationally.

[00:17:15] So we’re definitely on our way to be this household brand for women in cannabis, which is

[00:17:23] Allison: [00:17:23] know telco. Yeah, we’re going to make an announcement of a new state hopefully next week, which we’re very excited about, but we also are in contract for Ohio and Pennsylvania and in discussions with six other States

[00:17:35] Laura: [00:17:35] and Mexico, the year we have to be in 10 States.

[00:17:40] Bryan Fields: [00:17:40] That’s really exciting. So what’s, let’s talk the future roadmap, obviously. We’ve kind of studied your website and Kelly and I are a little sad that none of those products really speak to us directly and kind of wish maybe in the future we could kind of find something, but we can talk about that offline.

[00:17:53] So what’s the next steps. What other products can, you know, your fans and your loyal as kind of expect from her Highness [00:18:00] in the

[00:18:00] Allison: [00:18:00] future? We have a bunch of new products coming out. We’re super excited about our cat walkers, which is sort of our answer to the dog walkers. They come in this little box, but it’s with our long crutch.

[00:18:12] So you can smoke the whole thing. You know, usually with a dog Walker, it’s two puffs in a Roach and you end up flicking half of it and it’s small anyway, so this is our solution to that. And it comes with our marry me ring. So you can put your ring on and smoked your little joint. And that’s just fun.

[00:18:30] It’s like women love a gift with purchase. Like, you know, we’re coming out with more of our gift boxes. No, this is our get lit kit. Cause you know, we want to make a gift. We want to make cannabis to gift you, bring your friends. We also are working on some cocktail dummies in Vegas. And we’re working on diamonds, which we’re really excited about.

[00:18:53] We have an amazing

[00:18:54] Bryan Fields: [00:18:54] product. What would it be? Diamonds? Can you just kind of

[00:18:57] Laura: [00:18:57] shed light on that?

[00:18:58] Allison: [00:18:58] Diamonds are a concentrate. [00:19:00] It’s not an on-ramp product. You can dab them. I think would be the most common, comfortable way drop a little volcano or, you know, I think there are a couple of different ways to do it, but dabbing is probably the most common user-friendly and really the exotics are sort of a more curated experience.

[00:19:18] For people who are taking in the whole experience of the plants, a little stronger, also could be used medicinally, which is another reason why we want to come out with them. So we have a better product for the medical only States, but we’re really excited about that because our line really spans women from the on ramper.

[00:19:38] Which like we have our 2.5 milligram mints, which if you don’t know your dose or you too scared to try it, here’s where you can start to women who want no high and just want the benefits of cannabis and our orgasm oil, which, you know, there’s a market for that too women who are looking for exotic diamonds.

[00:19:58] So. We’re really [00:20:00] trying to target all women through our collection, but also through our social equity piece, which is our partnership with the last prisoner project where 50% of the proceeds of this product. Those two women who are in prison for a non-violent cannabis crime. So yeah, what we have coming out in the future is just more, we’re a lifestyle brand.

[00:20:23] We’re not a anything in particular brand. Everything that we do is targeted to either solve a cannabis problem for women or delight women through cannabis in a new way.

[00:20:35] Laura: [00:20:35] Then another category that we’re expanding on is we’re planning to launch a beverage. In several States and she liked, that’s a great way for women.

[00:20:44] It’s, it’s very discreet and a great way to consume cannabis. And also some my community

[00:20:50] Bryan Fields: [00:20:50] options too, really exciting verticals to definitely operate in. I got a couple questions before we wrap up biggest misconceptions since you entered the cannabis

[00:21:00] [00:20:59] Allison: [00:20:59] space. Well, if anyone thinks it’s easy, that’s a big misconception.

[00:21:03] Everything is harder and cannabis.

[00:21:05]Laura: [00:21:05] I would say just that everyone’s a Sterner because that’s not true. And there’s, you know, as, as the industry evolves, I’m so happy to see people coming in from all different industries and having something to offer this industry, because it really has a ways to go in, in many different.

[00:21:23] Facets and the industries that, you know, whether it’s retailers and, you know help with buying, you know, all the other parts of this pie that we feel like it’s kind of in the Jack ages sometimes are really starting to come together. And so I think that, you know, a lot of new people are entering and happy

[00:21:41] Bryan Fields: [00:21:41] about that.

[00:21:42] Well said before we wrap, we’ve got two questions. We ask all of our guests before we do the prediction. If you could sum up your experience into one lesson learned or takeaway to pass on to the next generation, what would that

[00:21:56] Laura: [00:21:56] be? I don’t know. I mean, I think the overriding thing is [00:22:00] that, you know, Canada was, is not just to get you high.

[00:22:03] And I think that’s so important to understand and it’s Majesta and there’s just so many ways that it can be helpful and that’s

[00:22:11] Allison: [00:22:11] huge. I would say in cannabis and maybe even more than in other industries, because of what it is, you have to be authentic in your messaging all the time, even when you get pushback.

[00:22:24] Like when we launched in California and we don’t have craft boxes and we have gold packaging and where. So New York and they were like, what? We couldn’t change it to fit in. Like we had to be authentic. Right. So as our message would get muddy and it really worked, and I don’t think we would have made it if we weren’t in that way.

[00:22:44]And keeping our message authentic. And even when the interviewers say like, don’t you think you’re missing half the market by only focusing on women? Like, well, yeah, we’re missing the male market, but not men who love women. So how many of [00:23:00] those, and so staying authentic and true to the message, no matter what, because the tides in this industry are forceful, but staying clear and true to ourselves has really helped us sort of.

[00:23:13] Keep threading the needle and keep pushing through

[00:23:17] Bryan Fields: [00:23:17] to kind of add on to your points about the messaging. I think as a male perspective. Sure. I wouldn’t likely buy those products to consume myself, but if I was looking for a gift for a family member of my wife, And I walked down, the dispensary does 9 million options, and I know I’ve brought her home and this amounts of products and I’ve kind of gotten some pushback and I’m pretty confident that if I selected one of the gold packaging and one of those, and I brought it home and showed my wife, she’d be way more open because he communicates directly with her.

[00:23:44] And I think she’d gravitate towards that. So I think. Sure you didn’t hit a hundred percent of the total market out there, but what brands really do. Right. But you honed in exactly who you wanted to get and you’ve made it easier for both genders to identify if this works and who it’s for. And I think you’ve kind of simplified it and [00:24:00] improved it by going that route.

[00:24:01] Thank

[00:24:01] Laura: [00:24:01] you. I mean,

[00:24:02] Allison: [00:24:02] that sort of differentiates us because a lot of people in the market. Make, whatever they make. And then they look for a customer, but we identified our customer and then made everything for her from the inside out, from start to finish. And that authenticity sort of resonates with the customer.

[00:24:19] Laura: [00:24:19] Yeah. Women need to feel like they’re, you know, they were just being forgotten in this whole initiatives. So, you know, when they see our product, they just gravitate toward it. And you’re right. You know, it’s you bring that home through women are average. She sees it. She relates to her at a meeting or mean, you know, you find that and she’s much more willing to try it because it was

[00:24:41] Bryan Fields: [00:24:41] made for her understands those tiny details, that emphasis that you put in, like you show up with the join and the difference there.

[00:24:48] So one last question then prediction time. The last time you consumed any cannabinoids.

[00:24:54]Laura: [00:24:54] Two minutes before the hour ago,

[00:25:01] [00:25:00] Bryan Fields: [00:25:01] in your opinion, five years from now, which area will be the biggest lifestyle, cannabis consumption, sex, wellness, workout, relax, sleep, etc. Any choices work. I thought you were going

[00:25:17] Allison: [00:25:17] to say where, I mean, I was going to say New York where cannabis is going. And I mean, New York is the greatest consumption, you know, biggest consumption state in the country, but you’re saying, where is cannabis?

[00:25:30] What sector? Yeah.

[00:25:32] Bryan Fields: [00:25:32] For women. Which one do we think five years from now? Do we think that will be the biggest?

[00:25:37] Allison: [00:25:37] I have to say flower because if smoking a joint with an extra long crutch where the smoke is cool, And you just get the full flower to me is the most satisfying way to consume. So, I mean, that’s, that’s my guess.

[00:25:53] Laura: [00:25:53] I, you asking ways to consume, register how he bragged to

[00:25:56] Bryan Fields: [00:25:56] use it. Yeah. Like which area do you think will be the biggest [00:26:00] one?

[00:26:00] Laura: [00:26:00] I think so. I think measure, not just for sure, because this, and especially our measure. Women write into us all the time. It’s a complete game changer. And once in a minute, I realize that, but even smoking with like during the fresh snacks and using the it around, I mean, just exploring that whole category.

[00:26:24] I can, I can just make you, you know, more aware and heal things deeper. I mean, you know, once women really get into that and discover that, I think that that’s going to be huge. I feel like there has been a stigma with sex and so it’s very empowering to them. And then I think they know that they deserve really well.

[00:26:43] Bryan Fields: [00:26:43] Absolutely telling your guys I’m going to go

[00:26:45] Kellan: [00:26:45] with Alison. I think flour is here to stay. It’s been the main. Kind of category prior to legalization. And I think that it’s really, really hard to recreate what nature has already spent so much time. Kind of perfecting, right. In terms of that balance of [00:27:00] all those different molecules and how they interact with your endoccanabinoid system.

[00:27:03] So I would have to say that flour and then I do agree that the sex and pleasure is probably one of the larger, most underrated product categories. I do think that there’s a ton of growth there.

[00:27:15] Bryan Fields: [00:27:15] I’m going to go slightly different. And kind of what you said before, Alison, about the replacement for the wineglass.

[00:27:20] I think right now, the, the go-to at least in my household is the wine glass after work, like super stress looking to relax. And I think once that becomes a staple where you replace that. With a beverage or other, some consumption method. I think the relaxing area, I think is a huge growth. I think for the doodle mom, who’s doing things throughout the day.

[00:27:40] Sure. They can consume, but I think that’ll be a little harder to pick up steam, at least initially I think down the road. Absolutely. But I think immediately in five years from now the replacing of the wine for like a joint or some other consumption method where they can restart their day, the next day with no hangover and still be functional, I think.

[00:27:57] Is, I think women obviously can move that [00:28:00] stigma. And then once they associate there, I think it will absolutely explode. And I think you guys are poised for that, and I’m really excited to kind of keep following your journey and stay in touch and see how it goes. So before we wrap up, where can our listeners get in touch with you?

[00:28:12] We’ll tag all the social media, but where can they get in touch with you guys? If they want to learn more? Our

[00:28:16] Allison: [00:28:16] website is her and then our social media tags are at her Highness NYC on all social media,

[00:28:26] Bryan Fields: [00:28:26] all those up in the show notes. We appreciate you guys taking the time and look forward to seeing you.

[00:28:31] Thank you so much.

[00:28:32] Laura: [00:28:32] Thanks ladies.

[00:28:33] Allison: [00:28:33] Thank you so much

[00:28:34] Laura: [00:28:34] fun.

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