S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 – September 2021 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook


A Note from Your Partners

The cannabinoid industry as a whole continues to rapidly evolve and grow with the total addressable market potentially reaching $100 billion by the end of this decade. With such rapid growth there is bound to be growing pains and learning opportunities. This is evident as the CBD hemp industry continues to experience dramatic ups and downs. Today, Delta 8 is restricted in 21 U.S. states. Six months ago Delta-8 was providing significant liquidity to operators capable of manufacturing the chemical. The scientific evidence continues to build regarding the benefits cannabinoids provide to the human body, and because of this evidence, the future outlook for hemp and cannabis could not be brighter. We look forward to continuing the journey with everyone involved.

– Kellan Finney

As operators look to expand their footprint, an increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a path toward larger strategic positions. Tim Seymour of CNBC recently said “You’re going to see those companies that have been waiting on the sidelines begin to start nibbling some more as valuations become attractive enough for certain capital-rich players.” Recently, conversations have intensified with outside organizations looking to dive headfirst into the exploding industry. These opportunities can lead us down two different paths. This could lead to either the acceleration of consolidation and strong growth, or it could lead to a more difficult path toward one entity, which has never been straightforward and is even more challenging when it comes to cannabis. The path you choose depends on your plan of action and the resources leading the charge.

– Bryan Fields

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