A Note From Your Partners August 2021 Monthly Playbook

Cannbinoid Monthly Update, 8th Revolution

Cannbinoid Monthly Update -August 2021

The cannabinoid industry continues to gain steam as Schumer rolled out his plan which would end cannabis prohibition and regulate the industry similar to tobacco. Pair this news with several other states legalizing adult use cannabis and the industry is on the precipice of extraordinary growth. The hemp CBD industry continues to consolidate as wholesale prices drop for most product categories including smokable flower. Lack of legislation surrounding the safety and legality of the molecule CBD has created obstacles that have challenged investors looking for short term gains. Given the rescheduling of CBD and classification as a nutraceutical, the industry is poised for considerable growth over the next decade. However, we must be patient, and that’s what we are here for. We look forward to being there with you every step of the way.

Kellan Finney

The draft of Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act has been released and with it comes a multitude of potential insights for the future. While the details are likely to change, the major framework is clear for the future of the industry. Use the draft as an opportunity to alter future roadmaps and to be ahead of these changes.

Bryan Fields

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