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The change of the seasons brings warm weather, but lately, this isn’t the only change we’ve been seeing. As we slough through rainy April with the hopes of soon seeing the sun, we also watch regulators shift their stance on cannabis and push for legislative change, and New York has been at the head of this charge. The CBD industry, on the other hand, is patiently waiting for their momentum to pick up, but good news could be on the way.

With the current USDA study analyzing whether hemp can be used as an alternative for cattle feed underway, and the potential for CBD to become a nutraceutical this year, you have a potent combination that could send prices soaring.

The future is exciting, and we look forward to being there with you every step of the way.

Kellan Finney

Balancing the speed of the cannabinoid industry’s growth with slow-changing regulations can be hard. On one side, the overwhelming desire for product and the ability to grow, process, produce, and sell has never been in higher demand. With more and more states coming online, the need to quickly scale or pivot is only compounding these supply chain stressors.

On the flip side, policy makers, still hesitant to fully embrace the cannabinoid industry, continue to debate the finishing touches on game-changing legislation. It’s important to remind yourself that, though this period may be frustrating for all those who want to start solidifying the space, every step forward is progress toward a new era. Try to remember that forward is forward, no matter how small of a step

Bryan Fields

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