KEEPING A PULSE ON DELTA-8 – September 2021 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook

Nearly half of the states have implemented or are in the process of implementing regulations regarding Delta-8. However, some of the states with the largest markets (California, Texas, and Florida) have yet to provide any insight as to how the state will handle the new molecule. Due to this fact, there are more branded products that have started to hit shelves across the country. From our perspective, this suggests that there is enough runway before the products are completely outlawed or legalized to justify investing into development and launch of Delta-8 brands. Even though this is the case Delta-8 distillate did fall 5% from last month to $1000 / kilogram, the second consecutive decrease, this summer. This could be a result of more operators providing the product, or a lack of demand, either of which would negatively influence the price. We recommend staying closely attuned with each state’s regulations relating to Delta-8, as they may vary depending on where your operations are based.

Note: Figure 1. 2021 Delta-8 legality by State sourced from New Frontiers.

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