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The marathon in the CBD industry is far from over, as prices and players continue to be volatile. With a large CBD player closing its doors, others operating in the space have a growing opportunity to gain market share. On the other side of the coin, companies manufacturing CBD are twiddling their thumbs, waiting for further guidance from the FDA and USDA, which hopefully will come before the industry is bare bones. Lastly, commodity prices continue to soar. We believe this current environment will allow companies to expand their revenue streams and harness the true versatility of the cannabis plant, whether this involves using the hurd for building materials, the chemical waste streams for commodities, or the phytochemicals for medicine.

Kellan Finney

After the Harvest & Trulieve deal, many industry insiders have called this upcoming month the “summer of canna love.” Will other large MSOs feel the need to quickly respond? Will urgency, the main theme of our May report, play a vital part in next steps? According to our research, the answers to both are a resounding “Yes.” As the industry continues to blossom, we recommend leaning into these feelings of urgency by conducting your own strategic moves during this time of consolidation. Our favorite approach is the smaller scale roll-up, and though it’s not as heavily celebrated or scrutinized as the Trulieve deal, it’s just as crucial to the development of your operations.

Bryan Fields

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