INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS – October 2021 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook


The medical marijuana is being supplied by participating companies at their own cost, and neither the government nor patients will have to pay for it. “The first prescriptions of dried medical cannabis as part of the French pilot program are a significant step toward providing access to patients and will support the destigmatization of medical cannabis in France.”


“We have licensed 57 investors for medicinal cannabis production from Germany, Switzerland, Canada and as well some local players,” the agency told the news outlet. “Companies have been licensed for cultivation and processing of medicinal cannabis and they own 100% of their investment.”


“Panama has become the first Central American country to legalize medical cannabis. The bill, which Assembly President Crispiano Adames lauded as “innovative,” would allow registered patients with certain medical conditions to access cannabis for treatment, the news outlet reported. It also paves the ways for additional cannabis research in the country.

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