Converting CBD to Delta-8-THC: Emerging Cannabinoid Analysis – April 2021 Monthly Playbook

Converting CBD, 8th Revolution

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What Is The Real Cost Of Converting Your CBD To Delta-8- THC?

Often derivative products are taken at face value when being compared. Currently, this is the case when we speak with operators about CBD and Delta-8 THC. The decision-making process always centers around comparing the price of 1 kg of CBD isolate (~$533.00 / kg) to the price of 1 kg of CBG isolate (~$1,150.00 / kg), which at the surface shows the potential to double the gross revenue.

Once you dive into the hard costs of converting your CBD inventory to Delta-8, the story changes dramatically. Below, we go through a calculation that takes into consideration a variety of variables when calculating the costs of converting CBD. The fixed costs in this calculation are based on conversations we had with an R&D research chemist working at a licensed facility in Colorado.

Converting CBD, 8th Revolution

What Is The Real Cost Of Converting Your CBD To Delta-8?

Based on our calculations, there’s still room for Delta-8’s price per kilogram to drop before the conversion becomes unprofitable. Our model suggests that, on this scale, the breakeven price per kilogram is around ~$923.00. Based on our forecast published in last month’s report, this could happen as early as May of this year. We advise our clients not to keep large inventories of Delta-8 in house due to the current Delta-8 pricing volatility.

Input Categories Assumptions
CBD quantity (kg) 10
Market value of CBD isolate $ 533.00
Total cost of CBD $ 5,330.00
Solvent quantity (Liters) 15
Total estimated solvent cost $ 1,400.00
Catalyst quantity (grams) 50
Total estimated catalyst cost $ 50.00
Total estimated labor cost* $ 500.00
Total analytical testing cost   (QA / QC) $ 300.00

*Labor cost is estimated based on 20 hours
of labor @ $25.00/hr
**Conversion yield is calculated after conversion,
work up, and purification to final product.

OUTPUT Categories Assumptions
Conversion yield* 85%
Delta-8 THC quantity (kg) 8.5
Market value of Delta-8 THC /   kg $1,150.00
Potential Revenue
Estimated Profit
$ 9,775.00
$ 2,195.00

Total Input Cost = ( Cost of CBD + Cost of Solvent + Cost of Catalyst + Labor + Analytical Testing )
Potential Revenue=( (Percent Yield from Reaction * Input Quantity of CBD) * Delta-8 Market Value )
Estimated Profit = Revenue – Input Cost

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