Brand Spotlight: LucidMood

LucidMood, 8th Revolution

Cannabis Brand FOCUS: LucidMood

LucidMood, 8th Revolution

Why We Love Them:
From the packaging to the pitch,
they know what they’re doing.

Price Range $40-50
0-25K   Pounds
Women and Men, All Us
Availability California and Co
Ownership Status Private

Our Rating: 8.3 / 10

Sell the feeling, not the product.
Associating moods with the product formulation is a smart, clever way of communicating complicated information in a clear message. First-time consumers will likely be drawn to the different product types. Using words such as “Loving,” “Luscious,” or “Lively” is also a great way to build anticipation of the product and explain how it may effect you without accidentally making any medical claims.

LucidMood crushes

LucidMood crushes this by calling out any concerns or doubts. “Formulated with love by some of the biggest science geeks in the industry, we marry cannabis and science to create products that work precisely with your body and mind to deliver just the right sensation. LucidMood has continually refined their products to what they are today – designer highs for everyone – even the skeptics

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