Brand Spotlight – September 2021 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook


Why We Love Them: The Wooden Elements Blend Nicely into the Rustic Feel and Design

Color Contrast Accentuates Critical Elements

Use contrasting colors to accentuate critical elements on your packaging. As consumers quickly scan the available products, you want to use color contrast to catch their eye. Papa and Barkley does a phenomenal job of this with their wide-ranging color pallet.

Papa barkley’s beautifully designed branding is minimal but powerful and professional. It’s a masterclass in colors. Brands sometimes feel the need to push multiple artistic elements when creating their packaging. Papa Barkley demonstrates this is not needed. The wooden appearance works beautifully with the blue and white. The same stylistic approach is used on their website. The shades of tan don’t interfere with the product branding. The social proof is also apparent under the main header that is clear, clean. The photo elements of the product are also strategically placed to take your eye from the right toward the left where the Call to Action CTA is located. The colors are used to systemically take you from the main header to next key point as your eyes work through the page. The biggest negative on their website is their USP. Why Papa Barkely vs others? What makes you unique? This element helps me understand the why. The element is positioned farther down the page but its white and green contrast doesn’t work as well as the others.10

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