Brand Spotlight: KIVA June 2021 Monthly Playbook

KIVA, 8th Revolution

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The article below is an excerpt from the Monthly Playbook.

KIVA, 8th Revolution

Why we Love them: The more brands, the more fun! Kiva’s product lines are clear and attractive.

Why we docked stars: We can’t come up with anything!

Divide and conquer.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when one company is offering a sea of products, even if all the products are slightly different. Think about Coca-Cola; imagine the confusion and buyers’ hesitation if all the brands underneath their umbrella, ones like Dasani, Minute Maid, and Vitamin Water, were instead branded as Coca-Cola. The overlap in packaging, coloring, and stylistic elements would make the decision-making process a nightmare. Kiva has recognized what many other cannabinoid companies have not, which is that related diversification of a brand is key to ensuring that customers aren’t bombarded by too many choices.

With a variety of branding styles and delicious flavors, Kiva Confections offers an array of cannabinoid infused sweets that appeal to every user. From mints to chocolate, from gummies to almond bites, Kiva has curated unique sub-brands with varying target markets, visuals and flavor profiles to segment product offerings. For the daring flavor enthusiasts looking for a strong high, there’s the Lost Farm chews and gummies, and for those that want something refreshing yet balancing, the Petra mints offer the perfect solution. There’s also Terra, the brand that exclusively offers savory chocolate bites, and Kiva’s own house brand that caters to those looking for cannabis-infused chocolate bars. While each new product occupies a unique space in the market, the small Kiva logo found on the packaging of each sub-brand promises loyal Kiva consumers the same quality product.

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