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JULY 2021

A note from Your Partners

As we enter the hot months of summer and celebrate the birth of our great nation, the
cannabis & hemp industries continue to mature. This is more prevalent in the cannabis
industry, as it seems there’s a new state pushing for adult-use legalization every other week.
This breakneck pace has spurred more mature players with bigger and more daring goals to
enter the space through acquisitions and strategic partnerships. The size of some of these
recent deals have been astronomical. All the while, the hemp industry continues to stagnate
as the federal government refuses to approve CBD as an additive. With so much going on, it
can start to feel like you’re lost at sea with no refuge in sight, but we look forward to being
with you every step of your journey, helping you navigate through any murky waters.

– Kellan Finney

We’re just over halfway through 2021, and the progress the industry has made is
astounding. Connecticut has officially become the 18th state to legalize cannabis, the fourth
state this year, and 36 percent of the U.S. has now gone green. Even more impressive, three
other east coast states (namely RI, PA, and DE) are looking to follow suit. These previously
untapped markets will present areas of growth for current operators and outside
conglomerates to dominate the space and dive into the green rush. As the industry
continues to both expand and consolidate, we’ll be here every step of the way to help
you navigate these shark infested waters.

– Bryan Fields

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