Companies obsessed with solving specific pain points always win.

The cannabis industry, with its unique challenges, demands tailor-made software solutions.

Software that guides critical decisions forms the company’s foundational backbone.

 An unwavering dedication to profoundly understanding customer challenges and the agility to create nimble, value-focused software solutions is indispensable and poised to disrupt any incumbent.

This week, we sit down with Rick Bashkoff to discuss:

LitAlerts, CannaVerisions & the Origin from Pain to Solution

  • The Critical Role of Accurate Data for Success
  • Building Software Solutions for the Cannabis Sector
  • The Readiness of the Cannabis Industry for AI


Lit Alerts:Founded in 2021 by a dispensary owner and an online marketing executive, we are a lean team built especially for cannabis retailers, agencies and consultants. Our superpower is our ability to remain lean and focused on our customer without the distractions most software companies incur. We’re buiulding a software company in a new age of automation, In our observation, many cannabis operators are not (yet) self service software candidates. They need tools that are plug and play and require very little setup and maintenance (if any). 

CannaVersions: Automated & Easy-To-Use Email Marketing for Dispensaries


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