The 2018 Farm Bill has undeniably reshaped the cannabis industry, blurring lines and unlocking opportunities between hemp and cannabis. This episode delves into the nuanced differences and similarities between these two facets of the cannabis world. Chris Fontes shares his insights to dissect the complex web of legislation, the evolving roles of MSOs and Big Pharma, and the boundless opportunities emerging from regulatory challenges. Discover how today’s cannabis entrepreneurs are utilizing the interpretation of opportunities to transform obstacles into avenues for innovation and sector growth.

This week, we sit down with Chris Fontes to discuss the following:

  • Hemp vs. Cannabis: Exploring Opportunities, Differences, and Challenges.
  • Impact of the 2018 Farm Bill: What’s next for legislation and how it shapes the industry.
  • MSOs, Big Pharma’s influence, and more.

About Chris Fontes:

Chris Fontes, the Founder and CEO of High Spirits  Beverages, is a dynamic individual with a rich history of  innovation and leadership in the cannabis industry and  beyond. His entrepreneurial journey spans several  successful ventures, including Trojan Horse Cannabis,  Project Hemp Flower, and Hemp Exchange, all of which  played pivotal roles in shaping the US hemp industry.  Chris’s visionary leadership led to the development of the  industry’s first hemp-derived D9 THC products and the  launch of Trojan Horse Cannabis and High Spirits  Beverages.  


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