How do cannabis companies build a brand? With a locked toolbox and platforms quick to shadowban, the challenges are endless.

Marketing in Cannabis requires creativity, budget consciousness, resourcefulness, and wearing multiple hats.

Almost no one understands these nuances better than Lisa Buffo, founder, and CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association.

We sat down with Lisa to discuss.

  • Discover the challenges and nuances of marketing in the cannabis industry.
  • Insights on building brand personality and understanding your customers.
  • Navigating the complexities of compliance regulations while marketing
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Exploring why the customer journey

Whether you’re a cannabis entrepreneur or simply curious about the industry, this episode offers a unique perspective on cannabis marketing.

About the Cannabis Marketing Association

Cannabis Marketing Association was founded in 2016 by cannabis marketing executive Lisa Buffo in response to the unprecedented challenges cannabis communications professionals were experiencing. Industry marketers were unable to use traditional marketing tactics and technology such as paid advertising, social media, or digital outlets. This reality, coupled with unclear regulations across fragmented markets and a pervasive perception problem, left cannabis marketers with the task of rebranding cannabis as the then-nascent industry was rapidly growing.Cannabis Marketing Association was established to bring the cannabis marketing community together so that best practices could be shared through our collective knowledge. Today, CMA seeks to formally establish these best practices and further elevate

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