Minor Cannabinoid Wholesale Pricing — JANUARY 2023 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook

This month’s data shows some interesting trends in the prices of hemp-derived products. For example, the price of Delta-8 THC Distillate was highest last February at $839 before decreasing steadily to the low of $484 in August. Prices then increased slightly from September to November before dropping sharply to $309 in December. Similarly, the price of CBN Isolate increased from $3,630 in January to a peak of $4,435 in March before decreasing steadily to $2,250 in December. CBDV Distillate followed a similar trend, rising from $4,863 in January to a peak of $3,000 in March before steadily declining to $3,375 in December. Overall, the data paints a picture of a highly volatile market for hemp-derived products in the United States, with prices fluctuating significantly throughout the year. Our information also suggests that prices may have been influenced by seasonal trends, with prices generally decreasing towards the end of the year. The increase in supply post-harvest in the fall is likely due to the above factors.

*Disclaimer: Some of the text from this analysis was generated with an AI system.

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