Cannabis Facility, 8th Revolution

Is your Cannabis Facility ready for Federal Legalization?  

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 The timestamps have been provided for you below. 

00:02 Intro

01:05 Kim’s work background

04:21 On getting into the cannabis industry

07:30 About the CGMP and what it stands for

11:21 On certified Cannabis operators

12:54 Regarding the reasons to fail to get certified

17:02 About mandatory certifications and standards

19:41 On how long the certification process takes

23:10 On whether the team has dual responsibilities

25:37 Example of what happens to small operators who can’t afford certifications

28:47 Difficulties for small, vertically-integrated cannabis companies to get certified

31:23 About vendors and certifications required for an equal playfield

35:14 Difference between CGMP and EU GMP

39:41 On Canadian Cannabis companies and potential impact on US market

42:05 Facts about the CGMP process that would surprise Cannabis operators

43:28: Misconceptions around the cannabinoid industry

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