Tahir Johnson, 8th Revolution

76: Opening the door for Minorities in Cannabis: ft Tahir Johnson, US Cannabis Council

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Hear as @BryanFields24 and @Kellan_Finney speak with Tahir Johnson, Director of Social Equity and Inclusion for the US Cannabis Council.

Tahir is a change agent committed to solving industry challenges related to social equity and social justice. He hopes to pilot programs with HBCUs to open up careers and economic opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • Social equity in the cannabis space
  • Ideas of incorporating HBCUs into the cannabis industry
  • Opening the door for individuals of color in cannabis
  • Cannabis pioneers in the black community

Tahir believes that as we move forward with legalization, it is important that equity is included. He attended Howard University and worked in wealth management with Morgan Stanley, where he served on the Diversity Council. You can become a member of the US Cannabis Council at uscannabiscouncil.org/members#BecomeaMember

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