Ben Euhus , Cannabis Scientist MSc BioChemist traveled to Israel to see first hand what the world’s leader in cannabis research is discovering.

In this episode we explore the scientific world of cannabis and how it can be a dramatic change for personalized medicine for all. Hear what the world is doing in the field of Cannabis.

Featured in Today’s Episode:

  • Is Israel leading the way for cannabis-based research?
  • Endocannabinoid system
  • Treating cancer with cannabis
  • Clinical cannabis studies
  • Dronabinol, man-made THC
  • Cannabis based scientific research

Ben Euhus is a Biochemist interested in the drug development pipeline, as well as innovative solutions in the field of biotech. He is a seasoned cannabis scientist with first hand experience in researching the therapeutic potential of cannabis compounds in a pre-clinical setting.

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