Colin Landforce, 8th Revolution

61: Optimizing Cannabis for the Consumer Experience: ft. Colin Landforce CTO of Unrivaled Brands

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Listen to The Dime Podcast’s episode today as Bryan Fields (Twitter: @bryanfields24) and Kellan Finney (Twitter: @Kellan_Finney) discuss 

Cannabis as a CPG with Colin Landforce (Twitter: @landforce) 

In this episode learn about:

  • Aggressive Advancements that are happening in the world of Cannabis
  • How BudTenders enhance the Cannabis Experience for New and Veteran Users
  • Experiences for a Newbie when they walk into a Dispensary for the first time
  • Terra Tech Merger with Unrivaled Brands
  • Consistency as a pillar in the STICKS™ pre-roll brand
  • Biggest Misconceptions in Cannabis 

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Colin Landforce is the CTO of Unrivaled Brands

Colin Landforce, co-founder and President of LTRMN, is a versatile entrepreneur that has taken his 10 years of experience in regulated and emerging consumer spaces and brought that to Unrivaled Brands, Inc. team. A tactical leader, Mr. Landforce is responsible for bringing three consumer brands from concept to shelf while leading the growth of one of the largest cannabis distribution networks in country, serving more than 1,000 storefronts to date. With deep experience at the intersection of recreational cannabis and CPG

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