Markel Bababekov, 8th Revolution

188: First-time Dispensary owner details his experience with the NY CAURD Program ft. Markel Bababekov

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The NY CAURD program, intended to be a beacon of hope, turned into a myriad of challenges.

Imagine relocating your family, investing your life savings, and building a dream, only to be met with a staggering injunction that brings the entire NY cannabis market to a halt. With countless unknowns, frequent regulatory changes, and surprises such as the NY cannabis tax, many entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the NY cannabis industry faced a daunting initiation that only the mentally strong could weather.

In this episode, we delve into the heart of these challenges with Markel Bababekov, a CAURD applicant and seasoned entrepreneur. His story is a testament to the grit and resilience required to navigate the ever-shifting tides of cannabis regulations and market uncertainties.

  • Dispensary Opening Steps
  • Illicit vs. Legal Shops
  • Location & Funding Hurdles
  • Store Selection Process
  • And so much more


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