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182: Willie McKenzie: From Legacy California to Profitable 8-Figure Cannabis Operation & Building the Elite Cannabis Operators Mastermind

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Navigating the cannabis industry, with its myriad obstacles, uncertainties, and regulatory complexities, demands an entrepreneur of exceptional resilience. Those who not only survive but thrive in this environment carry a wealth of hard-earned wisdom, the kind that could overshadow even the most intricate Harvard case study.

In a sector where collaboration and a growth mindset are key, sharing lessons to sidestep potentially fatal business pitfalls is crucial. This week, we sit down with Willie McKenzie, a figure who embodies this ethos. He’s not just at the helm of a successful, profitable cannabis business; he’s also leading a mastermind group dedicated to fostering successful collaboration among operators amidst the industry’s myriad challenges.

Join us as we delve into:

  • The genesis of the Elite Cannabis Operators Mastermind.
  • California, Michigan, and Opportunities to improve for third-party testing labs.
  • Continuous growth mindset
  • …and much more.

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