Berner & Jungle Boys, 8th Revolution

174: Storyteller generating Millions of Monthly Views documenting Berner & Jungle Boys and others ft. Luc

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“Steve Jobs once proclaimed, ‘The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.’ A testament to that power? 31 million views and 200,000 watch time hours, all in just the past 28 days.

Even more impressive? All this for content centered around the often suppressed topic of cannabis.

This is the profound impact of storytelling.

Earning the trust of industry giants like Jungle Boys, Berner, and Backpack Boyz to narrate the saga of their brand-building journey is no small feat.

Join us as we engage with Luc, from LMC, to explore:

  • The art of storytelling and how brands can harness its potential.
  • Insights gleaned from an up-close look at the journeys of cannabis pioneers.
  • The strategy behind amassing millions of view

About LMC:

LMC covers business, economics, marketing, branding, and much more! We produce High Design Documentaries which tell the stories of entrepreneurs and their brands as well as the different marketing and business strategies they used to succeed.

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