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171: Why MariMed is Doubling Down on Brand Consistency & the Boston Tea Party-Style 280E Protest ft. Jon Levine

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“‘No taxation without representation down with 280E” might well have been the catalyst prompting lawmakers to consider rescheduling cannabis to Schedule 3, potentially eliminating the controversial tax code.

As MariMed ambitiously aims to become the ‘Coca-Cola of Cannabis,’ their unwavering focus on brand consistency emerges as a pivotal reason for their dominant position across various markets.

Join us as we dive deep with Jon Levine, discussing:

  • MariMed’s unwavering commitment to brand consistency, regardless of state boundaries.
  • The symbolism and impact of their Boston Tea Party-Style protest against the Federal Tax Code 280E.
  • Exploring key markets like Maryland and Missouri and understanding why MariMed’s brands resonate powerfully with consumers.

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