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157: Realigning AYR Strategy: Building Brand Equity with a Luxury Retail Mindset ft. David Goubert

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is a commonly used term in the cannabis industry, encompassing brands and dispensaries. When it comes to luxury purchases, the entire experience and the emotions it evokes play a crucial role in evaluating customer satisfaction. Luxury brands can command premium prices due to their positioning and the inherent value associated with their products. While the cannabis industry is gradually moving towards establishing such premium price points, it requires a deep understanding of exceeding expectations at every customer touch point.

Implementing and refining these strategic principles is a valuable endeavor. However, it presents significant challenges, including current marketing restrictions, limited capital resources, and the complex nature of establishing a consistent national brand identity in a market that operates on a localized basis.

Applying and developing these strategic principles is a valuable undertaking but comes as a steep uphill challenge.

This week we sit down with David Goubert, CEO of Ayr Wellness, to discuss the following:

  • How AYR  is applying  luxury retail principles
  • Implementing realignment strategy and why certain assets didn’t fit
  • Key touchpoints in the customer journey
  • Where Opportunities are in cannabis via marketing


About:  David Goubert

David Goubert is President and CEO of Ayr Wellness and is responsible for overseeing the Company’s operational and commercial functions, including production, supply chain, retail, wholesale and marketing.

Mr. Goubert joined Ayr from Neiman Marcus Group, one of the largest multi-brand retailers in the United States, where he helped lead the company through a transformation into one of the strongest retailers in the country. Most recently, he served as NMG’s President and Chief Customer Officer, where he was responsible for the full P&L of the Neiman Marcus brand as well as all customer touchpoints.

Prior to joining Neiman Marcus, Mr. Goubert spent 20 years at LVMH, the world’s leading luxury consumer-products company. At LVMH, David served in a variety of capacities, including Senior Vice President of LVMH’s Starboard Cruise Services subsidiary and 15 years leading manufacturing, supply chain, retail and general management at the company’s flagship Louis Vuitton brand.


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