AVD's IP Triumph Battle, 8th Revolution

156: The Strategic Mindset of AVD’s IP Triumph Battle & How an Innovative Manufacturing Powerhouse stays 3 Steps Ahead ft Alex Kwon

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An enormous victory for the US Cannabis Vaping sector happened, and most completely missed it.

The recent “definitive victory” by AVD was a critical win for the cannabis industry.

A monopoly would have jeopardized the entire category and potentially put a stranglehold on crucial hardware. This ruling ensures that competition continues and allows brands and consumers to not suffer at what could have been.

The bigger question remains, is this IP battle the first of many?

We sat down with Alex Kwon, Founder and CEO of AVD, to discuss the following:

  • USITC cannabis vaping dispute
  • Wartime CEO strategies
  • Building a Diversified Supply Chain
  • Forward-thinking disruption tactics

About AVD:

In our former lives, we were extractors and processors. And, probably like you, we were looking for vape hardware equal to our oils. Except we couldn’t find consistently reliable cartridges. That were correctly designed. Didn’t burn our oil. And were priced for the market.So we said to ourselves,

“We know exactly how the perfect cartridge should perform. After all, we’ve been in the industry for 20-plus years. From cultivation to managing licensed extraction labs to processing and formulation.  We’re perfectly positioned to engineer and manufacture our own hardware.”

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