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145: Raj Grover: The Visionary Behind the Costco of Cannabis and Its Thriving Ecosystem

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The Costco of Cannabis, what does that mean, and how does the ecosystem feed opportunities during the most challenging time?

This week on The Dime, we host Raj Grover, CEO at High Tide, to discuss the following: 

  • How does the ecosystem business model work
  • Exclusive Paid Membership “Cabana Elite”
  • Diversified Revenue Streams
  • And so much more

About High Tide:

Founded in 2009, High Tide Inc. has become the largest revenue-generating cannabis company in Canada¹ with over 400 million dollars in annual revenue run rate. High Tide’s subsidiary, Canna Cabana, is the largest non-franchised cannabis retail chain with over 150 retail locations operating across Canada, including the largest bricks-and-mortar loyalty plan in the country with nearly 1 million Cabana Club members. Our company’s portfolio is also comprised of global e-commerce assets, including the two most popular consumption accessory e-commerce platforms in the world², as well as three of the top international CBD brands serving  the U.S and the U.K. Combined, our online platforms saw over 155 million page views throughout 2022³.


Since starting his first company at the age of 22, Raj has established himself as one of Canada’s foremost business strategists and deal-makers. He is the founder of High Tide and its subsidiary companies Valiant Distribution and Canna Cabana and is the co-founder of High Tide’s subsidiary, Famous Brandz.

Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Raj has grown High Tide from one small shop of 2 employees in 2009 into Canada’s largest non-franchised cannabis retailer with over 1,450 amazing team members and business interests spanning North America and Europe.

While committed to building a strong, profitable, and sustainable business, Raj also believes passionately that those who enjoy success hold a particular responsibility to give back. That is why he has spearheaded High Tide’s support of World Vision, which has seen the company sponsor a growing number of children from developing countries. This support has grown substantially since its inception, from the initial sponsorships of 3 children in 2006 to over 300 sponsorships in 2022. Under Raj’s leadership, this number will continue to grow.

On a personal level, Raj has also been a long-time supporter of Operation Smile, an organization that works to deliver free, safe cleft surgery to children in need saving them from a lifetime of pain and isolation.

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