Chris LaPort, 8th Revolution

142: Las Vegas Newest Attraction: A Cannabis Consumption lounge a stone’s throw away from the strip

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Las Vegas knows how to regulate sin.

This week on The Dime, we host Chris LaPorte, Founder of RESET Vegas to discuss the following:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Monitoring consumption
  • How brands can partner for national exposure
  • Entertainment experiences
  • And so much more

RESET is a cannabis hospitality management company specializing in the development and operation of unique experiential venues and events with a focus on videogame culture, esports, skill-based gaming, and the implementation of VR/AR technologies.

Combining Las Vegas hospitality excellence with cannabis regulatory expertise, RESET will develop and operate social-use lounges to accommodate the diverse demographics of the 21+ cannabis industry.

RESET will usher in a new era of nightlife and entertainment creating the gold standard of cannabis experiences in Las Vegas and scale to regulated markets.

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