This week we are joined by Olivier Blechner  EVP of Jushi Holdings   to discuss:

  • Early Jushi Holding Strategy
  • How Jushi thinks about Buying vs. Building
  • M&A Opportunities and Obstacles
  • Going Deeper vs. Wider in State

About Jushi Holding:

In 2018, Jim Cacioppo collaborated with fellow cannabis and finance experts Erich Mauff and Jon Barack and realized that by combining their shared industry know-how, they could make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals across the globe. They quickly gathered an impressive team of experts to create Jushi Holdings Inc., with the ambition to be a leading multi-state owner and operator of cannabis licenses. Today, Jushi’s operations have grown rapidly with new cultivation, manufacturing and retail licenses across the United States. Our team has grown to ~1,550 members and counting.

About Olivier: Olivier brings over 20 years of principal investing and corporate finance experience to his role as Executive Vice President of Business Development. Prior to Jushi, Olivier worked with Jim Cacioppo as the Senior Portfolio Manager at One East Capital Advisors. Olivier has previously held several senior roles at hedge funds including Chief Investment Officer of the Polygon Distressed Opportunities Fund, Research Director at Alden Global Capital, Partner at TPG Credit Management. Initially, Olivier worked for Jim Cacioppo as Head of European Credit Opportunities at Sandell Asset Management. Prior to those positions, Olivier concentrated on leveraged finance and rescue financing transactions at Houlihan Lokey and Credit Suisse First Boston / DLJ. Olivier received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1998.


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