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Curious about the cannabis industry, but nervous that you'll get lost in the haze? Join us weekly!

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The Dime

By Bryan Fields & Kellan Finney

 Searching for a podcast that can simplify the cannabis industry? Look no further.  The Dime is a podcast with industry-leading guests hosted by the co-founders of 8th Revolution.
This is the Dime, a  dive into the cannabis and hemp industry through trends, insights, predictions, and tangents

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  • Cannabis go to ★★★★★
    Topics across the board. Learn so much and always exciting
    By DblockQueenz for Version
  • Best podcast ★★★★★
    Best podcast
    By jsgsyfjosns for Version

Recent Episodes

4: Delivery & Online Cannabis Sales

November 12, 2020

Bryan and Kellan discuss the ‘new normal’ of cannabis online sales and delivery. Will it continue after the COVID-19 pandemic is over? How will it be regulated? All this, and […]

3: Why Should Cannabis be Legal Everywhere?

November 11, 2020

Bryan Fields and Kellan Finney discuss why they believe the federal prohibition on cannabis should be lifted, and what struggles may come in the aftermath of this. *About the Hosts* […]

2: The FDA & CBD as a Legal Additive

November 11, 2020

Cohosts Bryan Fields and Kellan Finney discuss CBD as a legal food additive, and what it would take to get there. *About the Hosts* Bryan Fields has 8+ years of […]

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  • Cannabis go to ★★★★★
    Topics across the board. Learn so much and always exciting
    By DblockQueenz for Version
  • Best podcast ★★★★★
    Best podcast
    By jsgsyfjosns for Version
  • Must listen ★★★★★
    My go to for cannabis
    By SeahawksSteve for Version
  • Every week a new cannabis topic ★★★★★
    Love learning things each week
    By CartzzzF for Version
  • Great podcast ★★★★★
    Been a listener for a while and have thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes I’ve heard so far. I really appreciate the way that they can break down the technical aspects of this market in a way that makes sense to me. The guests are always great and the hosts do a good job picking their brains. Would be cool if they did a listener Q&A!
    By Ty-Oz for Version
  • You will learn a lot! ★★★★★
    I’ve been so curious about the cannabis industry and this podcast has helped me really learn a lot about it. The hosts really do a good job at explaining different categories in the industry. Definitely recommend you to listen if you want to learn!
    By tatasharp for Version
  • 🤓 ★★★★★
    LOVE this podcast!So incredibly informative and most importantly not intimidating! I look forward to listening to more episodes and learning more!
    By Apiarulli for Version
  • Want to learn about the Cannabis industry ? Stop Scrolling ★★★★★
    As the Cannabis space grows from a marketplace and subsequently an awareness there are a lot of options for how you can learn about it - you can Google, you can ask your friends, you can subscribe to newsletters but those are mostly people talking at you about Cannabis and what they want you to believe with a ulterior motive. Let me offer you an alternative - two people with differing views have a dialogue about different topics. This podcast is a one stop shop that doesn’t shy away from referencing other experts in the space and what they think. It is their way or the high way - it’s the The Dime
    By Sick of bots for Version
  • Amazing science based conversations ★★★★★
    Great pod. Love the hosts! They really know what they’re talking about and use actual science and experience to drive their conversations and form their opinions.
    By A. Stafford 08 for Version
  • Real science! ★★★★★
    This is a fantastic show which dives into real science and does it in nice quick shows for easy accessibility! Brilliant hosts and great guests!
    By WesBurkSLO for Version

Hear from Others who Love the Dime