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150: World Renowned Harvard Doctor Untangles Myths, Misconceptions, and Medical Uses of Cannabis ft. Dr. Grinspoon

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What is the actual truth behind cannabis harms and benefits? Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and author of “Seeing Through the Smoke: Cannabis: An Expert Doctor Untangles the Truth About Cannabis,” shares his expertise on various topics related to cannabis. From the challenges of having non-judgmental conversations about cannabis between doctors and patients to the potential benefits and harms of cannabis, Dr. Grinspoon provides valuable insights across the board including.

  • The Government’s funding into cannabis research: harms vs. Benefits
  • The process of re-legalizing cannabis and how it affects institutional knowledge.
  • The truth behind the gateway theory of cannabis
  • His Perspective on Andrew Huberman Podcast 
  • The potential for cannabis addiction and how it’s been greatly exaggerated
  • The  urgent need to teach the endocannabinoid system in medical schools
  • A must-listen Rapid Fire 


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