The Cannabis Workhorse: Trichomes –– SEPTEMBER 2022 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook

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There’s no doubt about it, cannabis is the most recognizable plant in the world. Either through pop culture, propaganda, or religion most people can identify its signature leaf. The reason for this is simple, humans love the feeling that comes from ingesting the unique compounds found in cannabis.

We’ve entered the heat of the summer, and with almost no new plants being put into the ground, genetics prices fall to a yearly low with CBD clones averaging $1.74 each. Feminized seeds also saw an 8% price drop averaging $0.60 / seed, down from $0.65 in the previous month.

The genetics market for CBG dominant varieties also experienced similar price drops with clones dropping 5% and seeds dropping 8% from July. Even though the CBG market is paired with the CBD market, we believe that due to the size and lack of full mainstream exposure the CBG industry is influenced fundamentally differently. Most consumers’ exposure to CBG products comes from THC-infused products paired with minors such as CBG.

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