This week we are breaking down behind the scenes look at when Canada legalized Cannabis and the forward look to global trade negotiations. 

We discuss:

  • How Canadians legalization violated international treaties
  • Why Consumption Lounges could be a massive opportunity 
  • How future global regulations might not include the United States 


About Nathan Mison:

Nathan Mison is a Founding Partner of Diplomat Consulting. As the former Vice President of Government and Stakeholder Relations at Fire & Flower, he was one of the first employees for the company, helping guide it through legalization and into its place as Canada’s largest independent cannabis retail company. Nathan is the co-chair of the National Cannabis Working Group for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Alberta Cannabis Council. founding member of NorthCanvas, an ancillary cannabis incubator, a member of the Alberta Cannabis Stakeholder Group and a founding member of the Alberta Cannabis Retailers Association. He has a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Alberta and has volunteered his time as the Past President of the Valley Zoo Development Society and is the co-founder of Politics on Tap.


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