For Gary Santo, cannabis is all about collaboration and camaraderie which is why he focuses his business model on partnership versus competition. Tilt Holdings is setting up partnerships with the Shinnecock Nation in New York state. Passionate about social equity, CEO Gary Santo is setting indigenous entrepreneurs up for success with training, resources, and business networking.

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Partnering with brands expand East

Cannabis relationship with Shinnecock tribe

Investing in your employees

Gary Santo is the CEO of Tilt Holdings. He brings more than 25 years of experience leading lean, high-performance teams in Consumer Credit, Financial Services, Gaming and Technology, Higher Education and Specialty-Pharma. Mr. Santo holds an Investor Relations Charter® certification from the National Investor Relations Institute as well as a degree in Political Science from Boston University.

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About TlLT Holding: TILT is a combination of leading cannabis companies that deliver products and services to businesses operating in the cannabis industry.

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