What is Delta-10 THC?

The Dime has its first returning guest, Dr. Matt Moore, principal scientist at Benuvia Manufacturing to discuss Delta-10 THC. Before listening to today’s episode, check out our prior session with Dr. Moore where we discussed Delta-8 THC (link: https://anchor.fm/thedime/episodes/Delta-8-THC-Deep-Dive-featuring-Dr–Matt-Moore-epgkvn) or our intro to Delta-8 episode (link: https://anchor.fm/thedime/episodes/Delta-8-THC-emd2s8)

Featured in today’s episode:

· Delta-10 THC

· Tetrahydrocannabinol clinical research and analysis

· Lawmakers lack knowledge about cannabis

· What should be on the radar of people in the Cannabinoid space?

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Benuvia Manufacturing is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-purity, pharmaceutical cannabinoid ingredients and products.

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