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63: Helping Cannabis Start Ups Light Up: How LeafWire is connecting Investors, Start Ups, and everyone in between together.

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Bryan Fields @bryanfields24 and Kellan Finney @Kellan_Finney sit down with Peter Vogel, the CEO of Leafwire. Leafwire was founded to provide a welcoming and safe community for Cannabis business professionals. This community allows entrepreneurs, investors and individuals interested in cannabis to connect, share news and collaborate. With Leaf wire, everyone grows together.

Featured in Today’s episode:

  • How Leafwire has become the LinkedIn of Cannabis & Hemp Industry
  • How investors can find upcoming businesses to invest in
  • What is new and upcoming for Leafwire
  • How Leafwire is helping people network in the Cannabis industry

You will also hear what Peter thinks the biggest misconception in the Cannabis Industry is as well as advice he has to share.

Peter Vogel is the CEO of Leafwire. After working in Technology startups for 20 years, Peter Vogel decided to step into the Cannabis business industry. You can join Leafwire to learn industry news and to network to

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