Dr. Jason Lupoi, 8th Revolution

56: Passing the Smell Test: Terpenes Edition ft. Dr. Jason Lupoi of Thar Process

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In this episode, Bryan Fields (Twitter: @bryanfields24) and Kellan Finney (Twitter:  @Kellan_Finney) sit down with Jason Lupoi Editor-in-Chief at Terpenes and Testing and Director of Laboratory operations at Thar Process to discuss:

What are terpenes? // How your nose will lead you to toward products that connect with your body // How to navigate terpene blends // How in the future, the consumer experience will be simplified // Cannabis in craft brews and hops

About Thar Process: cGMP Certified and employing people in 3 countries, Pittsburgh-based Thar Process is the global leader in CO2 technology and equipment for the natural products industries.

Website: tharprocess.com

Twitter: @IncThar

Instagram: @tharprocess

Facebook: @tharprocess

LinkedIn: Thar Process

Terpenes and Testing Magazine stands as the scientific backdrop against which in-depth botanical and cannabis news, compliance, regulation, chemistry, analytical testing, and horticulture science unfold and crystallize.

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