Fabian Monaco, 8th Revolution

54: Gage, Cookies, & Michigan Dominance ft Fabian Monaco, CEO of Gage Cannabis Company

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In this episode, Bryan Fields (Twitter: @bryanfields24) and Kellan Finney ((Twitter:  @Kellan_Finney) sit down with Fabian Monaco (Twitter: @FabianMonaco7), the CEO of Gage Cannabis, to discuss:

How the Gage & Cookies partnership came together // How to understand trends and insights in dispensaries // How Fabian has weighed growth vs optimization when scaling Gage // How Gage evaluates entrances to new markets // Which east coast markets they’re considering // The importance of relationships with vendors in the supply chain // Gage’s future product roadmap // Which product category will be the biggest by sales in 10 years // One of the most sought after markets in Pennsylvania and why MSOs are flocking there

Find Fabian at:


Facebook: @gageusa

Insta: @gagecannabis

Twitter: @gagecannabisco

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