In this episode, Bryan Fields @bryanfields24 and Kellan Finney @Kellan_Finney sit down with Neil Juneja Founder and Managing Partner of Gleam Law to discuss…

  • Legal issues on the horizon
  • Global cannabis import/export opportunities
  • Expected legalization date for interstate commerce and what it will mean for cannabis companies
  • Trademarks & patents for the cannabis industry
  • Enforcing domestic and international cannabis trade secrets
  • Plant genetics and the current legal battle
  • The origin of 280E
  • Antitrust issues for the cannabis space

…and Kellan vs big pharma for the millionth time. As always, let us know what you think, and if you have any questions about what we discussed, email us at [email protected].

Neil Juneja is the founder and managing partner of Gleam Law. Neil has written numerous articles on cannabis law and intellectual property and spoken at events including in the National Mall in Washington DC, Seattle Hempfest, Continuing Legal Education seminars, and many cannabis industry events. Neil also appeared in Newsweek, Time Magazine, and on several documentaries for his work in the cannabis legal industry. He has been awarded numerous accolades including selection as one of the 40 under 40 most influential people in the cannabis industry, five SuperLawyer’s Rising Star awards, and the National Law Journal Cannabis Trailblazer award.

Gleam Law is a cannabis-focused law firm made up of top cannabis lawyers who do not take themselves too seriously. We take pride in our commitment to our clients and our deep understanding of how the CBD, hemp, and legal marijuana industry works. From business law and cannabis banking to intellectual property law and civil litigation, we cover a range of expertise and are ready for any challenge you throw our way. We are not a big firm with a cannabis practice. We are a full-service cannabis law firm. We offer a wide array of cannabis-related legal services, including licensing, litigation and intellectual property.

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