47: The MSO Gang: How an Internet Army is Policing the Cannabis Industry ft. Kevin Carrillo host of the Cannabinoid Connect podcast

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In this episode, we answer questions like

• What is the MSO Gang?
• Why did the Governor of Nebraska say what he said?
• Which companies are crucial to moving the needle forward?

and explore
• our favorite cannabis industry leaders.
• the pharmaceuticals vs cannabinoid medicine.
• cannabis and its endless benefits.

All this and more on this week’s episode of The Dime.

Hosted by the founders of Eighth Revolution, LLC. Bryan Fields @Bryanfields24 & Kellan Finney @Kellan_Finney

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Kevin Carrillo is the COO of Cannabinoid Nation, the industry’s premier brokerage and consulting firm, and the host of Cannabinoid Connect, a cannabis podcast about news, policies, tech trends, social justice, investing, cultivation, and the plant’s environmental, economic and medicinal benefits.

Website: https://cannabinoid-connect.com/

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