Bryan and Kellan sit down with Wes Burke and Ken Snoke from Emerald Scientific to discuss the evolution of the cannabis industry, as well as:

  • How did Ken & Wes get into the cannabis Industry?
  • What is Emerald Scientific? What is the Emerald Test? The Emerald Conference? What value does it bring to the cannabis industry?
  • What was the cannabis industry like in 2014? How far has the industry come since then? What does the industry need to grow further?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges the cannabis industry faces today?
  • Cannabis is currently a Schedule I Substance in the United States, but in some states, people use cannabis for its medicinal properties. How can scientists conduct clinical research on cannabis? Do they need cannabis of a specific quality?
  • Why should recreational cannabis and medical cannabis be regulated differently?
  • Is there a place for both medical and recreational cannabis in the industry? Why or why not?
  • What issues in the cannabis industry do you predict will be resolved within the next year?

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