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207: How Grown Rogue’s Craft Cannabis Model is Disrupting the Industry ft. Obie Strickler

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What does your business do better than anyone else’s?  

This is your competitive advantage.

As we move away from the “growth at all costs” mindset, businesses are doubling down on their strengths—Grown Rogue has emphatically done just that. Battle-tested in highly competitive markets, this high-end cultivator consistently proves its ability to design cultivation operations that produce high-quality flower at consistent prices. With a repeatable, profitability-focused model, they are now expanding to new markets like New Jersey and Illinois to disrupt the flower market.

This week, we sit down with Obie Strickler to discuss the following:

  • The challenging conversation of refocusing the business.
  • How to produce craft cannabis at scale profitably
  • Genetics, strains, and much more

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About Grown Rogue:

Grown Rogue’s mission is to bring low cost, high quality, craft cannabis from the amazing terroir and legacy of Oregon’s Rogue Valley to consumers nationwide.

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