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206: New York’s Broken Cannabis Program: What Happened and How to Fix It ft. Neil Kaufman

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New York’s Cannabis Program can only be described one way: Broken. 

Despite lessons learned from other states and a goal to help those previously harmed, the program has faced significant financial and operational challenges, falling short of its intended success. With government officials labeling the rollout a disaster and promising an overhaul, the extent of the program’s issues is clear. Were these problems evident from the start, and how can they be fixed? We sat down with Neil Kaufman to break it all down and discuss the following:

  • Where everything went wrong
  • What Neil would do to fix it
  • The two-tier system and investment issues


About Neil Kaufman:

Neil M. Kaufman is the managing member of Kaufman McGowan PLLC, Long Island’s Corporate & Securities Law Firm ™ and Corporate & Securities Counsel to the Cannabis Industry™. He is one of the leading corporate cannabis lawyers in New York and the USA and a fixture of the New York and Long Island corporate and securities legal community.

Mr. Kaufman represents emerging growth, middle market and public companies and investment firms in their corporate, securities, financing, borrowing, merger & acquisition and other legal matters. Mr. Kaufman is particularly well known for advising clients with respect to SEC regulation, public offerings, private placements and mergers & acquisitions, as well as all types of commercial contracts. He is a frequent speaker on corporate, securities and cannabis law topics, and is an approved Vistage speaker on mergers & acquisitions.

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