Public companies dominate the headlines for the cannabis industry, but a few private beasts operate in plain sight. Motif Labs is one of them. Their deep focus on profitability and data at every step is why they have built such a deeply rooted and successful organizational philosophy.

This week, we sit down with Mario Naric to discuss:

  • How he builds process efficiency at every step
  • What understanding the data really means
  • When to bring services in-house

Mario Naric, CEO & Founder of Motif Labs

Mario Naric is the Founder & CEO of Motif Labs, a leading brand house shaping Canada’s cannabis 2.0 market with a portfolio of iconic brands, including Boxhot (#1 vape brand in Canada), DEBUNK and Boondocks.With an unwavering passion for creating exceptional products and a background in chemical engineering, Mario has grown Motif Labs into the retailer’s brand of choice, solidifying its position as a leader in Canada’s 2.0 cannabis market. Mario’s cannabis journey began in 2017 when he founded Motif Labs with a vision to define high standards of excellence and to create products that leave a lasting impression. Mario has led Motif Labs to unparalleled success and profitability, holding the #1 Share of Market (SOM) spot in Vapes and #2 SOM in Infused Pre-rolls. Mario’s hands-on leadership style and youthful energy infuse a unique vitality into Motif Labs. Guided by his passion, the company continues to push boundaries, creating products that exceed consumer expectations. Mario is known for his approachable demeanor and genuine commitment to making a difference. Mario and his wife live in London, Ontario.

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